If you clicked on this article, chances are you are familiar with the combined skillset of Doctur Dot and Johnny Venus. In that sense, you’re likely aware that EarthGang are among the game’s eternally slept on lyricists. Affable, creative, and intelligent, with a vast body of work beneath their belts, EarthGang have been hard at work preparing to release MirrorLand, their ambitious and highly cinematic full-length album. Now, the duo have opened the floor for their fanbase to contribute to their cause.

EarthGang Invite Artists To Design The "MirrorLand" Cover


“CALLING ALL VISUAL ARTISTS,” writes the group, via Instagram. “Excited to pair with y’all for this cover. Y’all make the best art. Lets make this Unforgettable! Tag your artist friends.” Labeling it the “MIRRORLAND COVER CHALLENGE,” Venus and Dot put forth a list of requests they are hoping to see included. The list is as follows:

Portraits of EarthGang
Animals (Monkeys, Elephants, Hawks, Orangutans)
Hot Air Balloons, Spaceships
Roller Coasters, Mythical Creatures
Old Skool Cars, Rags, Robots, Royalty
School Children, Fire
Pianos, Coffin, Aliens

As of now, the challenge is officially underway. Should you find yourself seeking more from the Dreamville duo, be sure to check out our new interview with Venus and Dot, right here. In the meantime, we wait for MirrorLand together.