Lil Uzi Vert has been having himself a strange year. The man has had fans throw bibles at him on stage after claiming all his supporters were going to hell with him. Just this week, an album popped up on streaming services using Uzi’s real name, Symere Woods, and it was confirmed to be fake. A cult (!!!) has threatened to take legal action over the artists’ use of their imagery. We weren’t lying… there’s some weird stuff going on with the Philadelphian. Adding to the list of mysterious nonsense surrounding his name, Uzi was just exposed by a reality star for sliding into her DM’s.

The conversation reads exactly as you would expect. Uzi awkwardly messaged Bad Girls Club star Winter Blanco, saying, “I’m Uzi.” Nothing more and nothing less. Winter responded politely by saying it was her pleasure to meet him before quickly realizing that he’s messing with her friend. “Wait you fuck w my homegirl dream,” said the entertainer, adding a “g2g” for good measure. Uzi responded with an emoji of a man running away quickly before Winter exposed him, saying, “Stop h-e n—as 2k17.” Considering her final message, it appears as though the screenshot may be from last year unless she literally isn’t aware that we’ve been in 2018 for nine months now. 

She reposted the encounter by adding that she’s all about loyalty and doesn’t usually spill the tea like she’s doing here. “Sorry UZI hate to drag you into this shit,” wrote the reality star. It seems as though she’s more interested in using the exchange with Uzi as an example that she’ll never willingly mess with somebody else’s man – or at least that’s what it feels like. The post has been deleted but Shade Room managed to peep it before it went down.