Kanye West uses social media the way homemakers rifle through Groupons. To be clear, we are nearing an era in which future generations will be innately born with social media instincts, through social engineering I must warn you. Think about it: the majority of human connections are built around social media platforms, so there’s some value to what Yeezy has been posting of late. If you don’t readily see the danger of chasing “likes” it’s likely because you spend less time on your device, but for Kanye it may just as well be a panoramic mirror keeping him in place. There are his thoughts.


Ironically social media is the ideal format for Kanye to speak his mind. Its restrictive layout encourages him to choose his words more carefully, the same way studio session with like-minded musicians bring out the best of his limited resolve. When he speaks of an “intense negative impact on our self-worth,” he is obviously speaking from experience, for Kanye has smartly retreated from “social media” at key intervals of time.


Just two days ago Kanye shared a screenshot of text message exchange he had with Twitter’s CEO, in which they discussed possibly changing the “like counts” and the numerous incentivized features on the social media platform. Inevitably if a change is to occur it will need to be internalized first. Technology comes and goes in a fraction of the time it is conceived.