Wale stopped by Hot 97 this week and chopped it up with Nessa for a lengthy interview, where they discussed everything from his Free Lunch EP & his love for recording music to Colin Kaepernick’s social justice movement & racism on American Airlines, which he encountered first hand a few weeks. The MMG rapper opened up about a lot things throughout the 47 minute interview, even touching on the passing of his late friend Mac Miller too.

“I lost a friend who was really into the creation mode of it and understanding of music, and the wise and all of that,” Wale said before acknowledging he’s speaking about Mac. Wale then really addressed the hurt he felt following the passing, and how’s been coping with it all. 

“It hit me really hard. Really really hard. We’ve known each other for 10 years and we talk a lot off & on. We know what we’re going through, we kinda speak in code” Wale mentioned before talking about the last test message he sent Mac before his passing.

“There’s a text message I sent him I look at it everyday. It’s like when ‘Swimming’ dropped… I know Astroworld dropped that same day and I was thinking like ‘how would I feel?’ cause Astroworld was an incredible album, but I know how much time & effort Mac put into it. So I was like ‘Yo, bro I hope you can smell the roses,’” he said before going on to say the text is “therapeutic” in a way for him to look at it everyday.

“It was super hard on me, but the silver lining, if any, is that it allowed me to get in tune with my heart and my spirit and the other hearts & spirits in this industry. And make myself more accessible to people with good intentions” Wale added.

Check out the full 47-minute interview (below) and/or hear the Mac Miller beginning at 6:15 mark.


Wale Speaks On Mac Miller’s Passing: “It Hit Me Really Really Hard”