Is Nicki Minaj Sending Subs At Cardi B On Future's "Transformer?"

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Nicki Minaj attends the 2014 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 18, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Some fans are convinced that she is.

Out of all of today's releases, Future and Juice WRLD's collaboration will likely get the most attention. The two forces teamed up for WRLD On Drugs and we've already highlighted one of the tracks, shining a light on Lil Wayne's feature for "Oxy." A few songs will be critiqued greatly as fans try to gauge the replay value of the project. One of the songs being discussed is "Transformer" with Nicki Minaj. Of course, Nicki and Future were wrapped up in a rumor a few weeks ago as Minaj reportedly gave Fewtch a dilemma about collaborating with Cardi B. Now, she's joking about stopping people's bags, which was brought up by Cardi, in her lyrics.

Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj may have slowed down but it's still a veritable feud. People continue to check for any potential subliminals being thrown around and they're convinced we've got some here. The rapper says, "Some call me Nicki but some call me Megatron. I'm stopping bags and I don't need a red octagon." You'll recall a few different artists calling out the superstar for holding them back, stopping their bags so that she, herself, can reach higher. Cardi B was one of the main accusers. Instead of addressing the issue directly, Nicki has turned it into a running joke as she released "bag stopper" merch and now, this lyric.

It is believed that another Cardi reference is being made as Nicki utters, "Four albums in, pull a milli for a show/While these bitches is servin' Milli Vanilli on the low." The Milli Vanilli reference is the one that most people are pointing to.

"Transformer" is one of the final songs on the album. Let us know what you think of the project as a whole.


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