The Game’s lack of compassion is as widely known as his namedropping habit. A merciless and imposing figure, Game has ruffled many feathers throughout his tenure in the game. Fans likely remember his bitter feud with Joe Budden, which brought scathing songs like “Buddens” and “Game Over” into the fold. As they say, old wound never truly heal. Fast forward to the present day, where Game and Budden have once again found themselves in conflict. 

The Game Ruthlessly Taunts Joe Budden With "I Hit It First" Mentality
Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty Images

The tension originally worsened after one of Game’s Born To Rap tracks leaked, essentially coming off as his own “How To Rob” variant. Only rather than running other rapper’s jewels, Game is rattling off his extensive list of celebrity sex affairs. Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Cyn Santana all got namedrops, the latter of which prompted an agitated response from Joe Budden. Budden, who also happens to be Santana’s fiancee, issued Game a heated warning during his recent podcast. “You talking about my girl with a girl name. Watch your fuc**g mouth, man,” he says, roughly around the one-hour mark. 

The Game proceeded to double down on his “I Hit It First” mentality, gleefully gloating via his IG story. “You can’t sue nobody for discovering the pussy before you,” writes Game, tagging Budden. To add insult to injury, Game throws in a few historical hashtags, including the rare combination of “#christophercolombusheadassn***a” and “#indianswasthere1st.” A second message finds him upping the hostility, taking full credit for Budden’s media renaissance. “I turned you into an on-air personality,” writes Game. “Enjoy retirement, pu**y!”