It appears that a top UK boarding school that granted Stefflon Don permission to shoot her latest music video on location, has since apologized for the decision. Governors at Mill Hill School, which costs  £33,717 a year in yearly tuition, let her shoot the video no questions asked, then went out of their way to denounce her publicly after seeing the final version. 

The video for “Pretty Girl” is the story of a bored student body, grown resentful of their uniforms and the requirements of their curriculum. The video is no different than say, Britney Spear’s “…Baby One More Time,” where the students act out their inhibitions after the bell, except in Stefflon Don’s 2018 video, she gives us a view of her bare bum during a brief locker room shower sequence.

The school issued the following statement in an acrimonious defense of their “stated values.” The press memo stated: “The message being sent by this video popularises everything which good schools should be against – drug-taking, swearing, and overt sexuality. These are all things which schools should be trying to guide pupils away from, not promoting them. Parents who are paying the fees for their children to go there will be appalled.”

Stefflon Don has so far been “unmoved” by the school’s public decree. The up-an-coming UK rapper was recently spotted in the studio with Philadelphia’s PnB Rock. Keep it peeled.