At the top of the month, Future hopped on Twitter and tweeted that “Love is in the air.” There wasn’t much substance to the tweet except a follow-up note that read, “I have amazing women in my life. Ima lucky guy.” It seemed as though some clout chasers tried to pretend to be the woman Future was talking about, after an Instagram user by the name of @real.shyanne shared a screenshot, alleging Future was trying to fly her out to meet him. 

“Welp thats my mil ticket , bye yall,” she captioned the photo. Future was quick to shoot it down and replied: “Dats cap.., it was allll a dream! Nice Photoshop, enjoy.”

Now that Shyanne had her dreams shut down, the “Mask Off” rapper has finally come through to show us who has him feeling some type of way, and her name is Britt. In the video below you can see Future kissing up on his possible leading lady. “Love you forever, that’s my queen, my everything, right here.” Britt just smiles and stares at the camera, looking pleased by the public affection. 

Check it out below.