There's no better to fight off an inquisition into your private life, than to handle biz yourself. Future did just that, responding to an Instagram user who made one of "their exchanges" public. The Instagram user, going by the handle @real.shyanne posted a screen cap in which "Wya? Im bout to fly you out." It's unclear what spurred the conversation, but "Shyanne" as we'll call her, mentioned in passing that Future's solicitation was essentially her meal ticket: "Welp thats my mil ticket , bye yall."

Then the post started to gain traction on the social media platform, and Future soon took notice, where he refuted ever coming into contact with hers truly. His response: "Dats cap.., it was allll a dream! Nice Photoshop, enjoy."

Believe what you will, but several Instagram chimed in with their support, others ragged on her completely, giving her comment section the pretense of a gender clash, some arguing for/against "clout chasing," others more suspicious of Future and his rumored exploits. This minor clash follows weeks of misapprehension over cryptic Tweets, many thought you were directed at Ciara, but alas it doesn't really matter. 

If Future is right to frame the screen cap a "photoshop," it would represent one of the many perils of being famous for which rappers like himself must cope with daily. There's also a minor chance he caught lackin' on the web. The jury's is out.