The “uh-huhs” that permeate Gunna’s performance on “3 Headed Snake” keep an imaginary buoy anchored at sea – for Gunna is quite simply enamored with nautical imagery the same way Young Thug can’t do without a Medusa metaphor for more than a minute (at a time).

On “3 Headed Snake,” one of three tracks on Drip or Drown 2 to feature a secondary voice, Gunna and Young Thug oblige each other’s disembodied spirits like no other. While the YSL collaborators hardly string manage a cohesive thread on the song, one must remember why they are both so highly regarded in the first place. “3 Headed Snake” avoids issues of complacency, because of Gunna and Young Thug’s teasing manner.

At first glance, Drip or Drown 2 seems to have been generated in the same obsessive manner as the previous Drip Season projects. Gunna’s underlying focus is apparent: the drive towards consistency, even continuity.. just when it seemed as though change was in the air, but alas, the YSL pack remains true to their respective elemental signs.

Quotable Lyrics:

Lil’ mama got top, it’s wet as a mop, whoa
I creep in the spot
It’s knot knots on me on the way out
Got too many vibes
She feelin’ my brother, we swiggity-swap.

– Gunna