Who thought that it would come to this? At this point, R. Kelly has been disgraced by so many outlets. The man is disliked by so many and it’s only intensified in the last year with the sex cult allegations against him. Details are still breaking out about what Kells may have organized in his home, keeping several women hostage for sexual purposes. In an effort to redeem himself, R. Kelly decided to get a lot off his chest by releasing a 19-minute song à la “Trapped in the Closet,” except this time, the subject matter is hardly fictional.

Addressing pretty much everything we’ve ever heard about the man from his alleged illiteracy to the most recent sex cult accusations, Kells speaks on a lot in the track. As are many of his songs, “I Admit” is a smooth offering, keeping fans intrigued throughout the entire length of the song as he admits to not being able to read, signing away all his publishing and being absolutely broke at this stage of his career. Touring simply to pay his rent, Kelly says that as a man that has not been arrested or convicted of anything yet, he deserves some more respect as an artist. 

Whether he’s speaking on accusations of pedophilia, admitting he was molested as a child or addressing Spotify removing his music from their playlists, the artist asks us all to look up the definition of a cult and a sex slave in order for people to better understand what he’s up against. While he may not be endearing himself to many here, the singer attempts to humanize himself to a group of supporters that have totally alienated him. Shared through his Instagram bio, check out the entire song below.