50 Cent Coins Daz Dillinger's Kanye West Warning "Crips Vs Kardashians"

50 Cent gives his two cents on the Daz Dillinger/Kanye West situation.

BYAlex Zidel
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If there is a controversy nearby, 50 Cent is sure to have an opinion on it. While we would rather write about new music from the legend, 50's social media presence continues to be among the most polarizing of any of today's celebrities. While he has turned some heads with questionable comments in the past, Fif maintains a position that if you do not like the content he presents, you can simply click the unfollow button. It was only a matter of time before the entrepreneur gave his opinion on the controversy du jour: Daz Dillinger's warning to Kanye West.

We reported earlier that Daz had issued a national alert to all Crips that, if they see Kanye West in the street, they should "fuck him up." Effectively banning Ye from everywhere in California aside from his home in Calabasas, Dillinger was offended by one of Ye's lyrics on "Ye Vs The People." 50 Cent is notably confused by the apparent beef taking form, reposting a screencap of Daz and writing, "What the fuck is going on Bro, Daz Told the crips to fuck Kanye up." Pointing out the perplexity behind the threats, Fiddy added, "Crips Vs Kardashian’s," before closing out with his signature phrase, "Get the strap."

If this situation escalates into a Crips vs. Kardashians war, who do you think would win? By the way, yes, that question is mostly rhetorical.


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