TMZ has learned that Young Thug was busted moments after leaving his Slime Language release party. A patrol unit cruising the area “happened upon” Thugger and members of his entourage as they were leaving the club. The commanding officer then took it upon himself to conduct a vehicle search, where he found a cache of weapons concealed in the trunk.

Young Thug and his inner circle were celebrating the midnight release of his new album Slime Language at Dave & Buster’s Hollywood last night. The party was intentionally designed as a double whammy, for Young Thug was jointly celebrating his 27th birthday (August 16), clearly no malice was intended on such a joyous occasion. Video of the incident was captured vis-à-vis Twitter by a French expat holding out his phone

As of this writing, Young Thug is being held on a $35,000 bond. The official booking is believed to be a felony for carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle, the difference being a misdemeanor only carries a fine or at worst, a one-year jail sentence. A felony charge are more open to judiciary interpretation. Slime Language debuted overnight and is expected to keep pace with the wondrous albums on the docket. Stay tuned.