It’s difficult to think of any rappers that don’t have any tattoos. Body art and tattoos, in particular, have become a major part of the culture, with many of the newer cats gravitating towards facial ink. Such a commitment can be a hard decision when deciding what exactly you want to get, which makes it all the more impressive to consider how many tattoos cover Post Malone’s body. As he runs out of artistic real estate on his body, he is in the process of filling up his face, most recently getting a dagger to match his buddy 21 Savage. While he may have never drawn any of his own pieces, Posty picked up the tattoo gun to ink Bobby Greenleaf, Dre London’s assistant, and showed off the result.

Having a close relationship with his manager, Post tatted a member of his team with one of his daughter’s drawings, a touching tribute to Greenleaf’s family. Post Malone posted the piece on Instagram, noting that it was the first time he had ever inked somebody and, without being too harsh, you can definitely tell. While Posty recreates a children’s drawing on Greenleaf’s body, the choppy linework spells the work of an amateur. In Post’s defense, this could be an exact copy of Greenleaf’s daughter’s drawing and, regardless, it must be pretty neat to say that an international superstar has left a permanent mark on your skin.

Do you think Post has a future in tattooing or should he stick to making hits?