The man with the most monikers has slid through with a pair of bangers. Big Boi, aka the B-I-G-B-O-I, Daddy Fat Saxx, Luscious Left Foot, Antwan Andre Patton (the only one), remains a legend no matter which title you so choose. Today, he has come forth with a pair of new bangers, which many are speculating to be an aperitif to his upcoming project. It’s only fitting that we now have “Return Of The Dope Boi,” which features Killer Mike and Backbone.  

While Killer Mike has evolved as an artist in many ways, the rapper has never shed his roots. Since the days of Monster and “A.D.I.D.A.S,” Mike has kept his Atlanta spirit close to his chest, and never fails to answer Big Boi’s call when beckoned. Even today, the pair are uniting to craft bangers, following up 2017’s slept-on single “Kill Jill.” While “Return Of The Dope Boi” doesn’t quite live up to the aforementioned Boomiverse cut, it’s always nice to see two of the game’s most consistent link up for another go-around. Backbone adds an additional layer to the mix, his laid-back swagger sounding strangely comfortable over the hectic, frantic instrumental. 

It’s unclear whether or not this pair of Big Boi singles is meant for an official Daddy Fat Saxx album, or merely a warm-up lap before the rally. Either way, Big Boi never fails to deliver some heat when called upon. Let the ATLien beacon shine brightly into the sky. 

Quotable Lyrics

Carry on, wipe my Louis Vuitton rollin’ bag
Put it in the overhead than I order Apple Cran
Cranapple, cause it’s too early for alcohol 
Still sweatin’ bullets cause security done had them dogs