Back in 2016, Coolio was arrested after a loaded gun was found in his carry-on bag while checking in at the Los Angeles airport. The “Hit Em High” rapper was charged with possession of a concealed weapon and eventually plead guilty to the charge that resulted in three years probation and community service. 

According to TMZ, Coolio has been blessed with some good news since the judge in his case has released him from the rest of his probation. It’s unclear why the last year of his lockdown has been waived, but it’s assumed it was because of good behaviour A.K.A. he learnt his lesson. “You know, I’m just ready to live out the rest of my life peacefully and protectively,” he told paparazzi while leaving court. 

As for what he learned from this experience, he says “be careful,” “pay attention to what you’re doing and don’t be doing dumb shit.” Also, he says if you ever put your backpack on and it’s to heavy, it’s probably a good idea to dump it out and see what’s in it. 

Peep the full video below.