From the far reaches of Pi’erre Bourne playful brain comes the precursor to an even broader TLOP 4 project in the coming year. But while we’re on the topic of his collaborative mixtape with Cardo Got Wingz, why not press upon the brilliant interchange that takes place. Pi’erre & Cardo’s Wild Adventure hinges on the coming to terms of two known rulebreakers on one definable sound. The result is actually quite magnificent.

On “Fiji,” Pi’erre Bourne in his new favorite role as the rapper/emcee, shows signs of weariness in his storytelling narrative. With paranoia setting in, Pi’erre’s first instinct is to close the shutters and lock the fence. He raps, “Imma change my number switch the pad,” on instant recognition of an opp coming his way. While Bourne progresses to full-time status as a rhyme sayer, Cardo has been quietly busy gaining cred from a remote location, as he looks set to refurbish his partnership with Payroll Giovanni, formerly of Doughboyz Cashout.

Quotable Lyrics:

When I drop, wait, keep that energy that you had
When I pop, wait, Imma change my number switch the pad
You an opp, wait, caught you moving wrong in the past
You an opp, wait, that’s why we don’t fuck with your ass.

– Pi’erre Bourne