It’s widely known that Drake fans are among the game’s most loyal; should anybody so much as criticize the legendary Champagne Papi, legions of devotees will swarm the naysayer with the speed and strength of ants. Now, Drake and his fans alike will have ample reason to be eatin’, as it were. The OVO head huncho has officially made music history, breaking yet another impressive record. Drake has officially become the first artist to surpass fifty billion streams across all platforms.

Now, it’s unclear whether not forty-eight billion was still a record in itself, but it certainly lacks the rotundity of fifty. It’s unclear which artists come close to toppling Drizzy’s record, but for now, the Scorpion King continues to assert his commercial dominance. The news comes on the heels of an album-related milestone, as Scorpion and recent single “In My Feelings” both enjoy successful Billboard runs. Say what you will about the man, but he continues to fill out the win column, even after being put on blast like never before. 

What say ya’ll? Did you contribute to Drake’s Smaug-esque stream horde? And more importantly, who, if anyone, can be the next challenger?