Rappers love sports, of that we can’t deny. Yet the NHL has consistently been underrepresented, at least lyrically, compared to other professional leagues. The love is not entirely nonexistent, however. J. Cole once name-dropped Alex Ovechkin, and Drake previously used Tie Domi to represent his pre-Scorpion mindset. “Icy-like-hockey” type similies have been known to happen, and various stars have rocked jerseys in music videos throughout history. In any case, the NHL has come through in a big way for Machine Gun Kelly, who has been riding the wave of his newfound beef with Eminem.

During a recent New Jersey concert, Gunner was gifted with a customized New Jersey Devils jersey, complete with “Rap D3vil” custom embroidery. The number, of course, reads “666,” non-regulation by NHL standards. It’s clear that the city of New Jersey was feeling Machine Gun Kelly’s Eminem diss; perhaps they felt overcome with loyalty for local treasure Joe Budden, who also found himself on the receiving end of Em’s ire. 

Peep MGK’s new look below, and stay tuned for Eminem’s inevitable response. In the meantime, familiarize yourself with why Em and Kelly are beefing in the first place.