While ad-libs have been around for a minute, rappers of today seem to have taken them to the next level. That’s not to say that the art of ad-libbing is in a better place than years past; such a claim is wholly debatable, and those that remember the glory days of Eminem’s cartoonish efforts or Xzibit’s deranged birdcall may disagree. Still, it’s hard to deny that many modern-day rappers have become associated with their most iconic ad-libs. From Travis Scott’s “it’s lit!” to Gucci Mane’s “burrr!,” the list goes on.

Yesterday, Lil Yachty took to Twitter to announce his selections for the greatest ad-libber of all time. Admittedly, his selections seem to stem from the same five-year period, but perhaps he’s a man of his ways; don’t look to him for historical accuracy. In any case, Boat endorsed plenty of worthwhile choices, though perhaps his first selection was colored by Astroworld hype.

“TRAVIS SCOTT MIGOS CARTI LIL B & XXX & SKI & BLOC BOY BEST N***S TO EVER ADLIB,” writes Yachty, etching it as if gospel. One has to wonder whether he means Migos as a whole, or on an individual basis; do all three Migos members ad-lib at equal levels? If not, which of the trifecta reigns supreme?

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