Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil” Lands Respect From All Corners

Machine Gun Kelly’s scathing response to Eminem has earned near-unanimous praise.

BYMitch Findlay
Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil” Lands Respect From All Corners

Rick Ross said it best: "idols become rivals." Such was the case for Machine Gun Kelly, who found himself pulled into lyrical warfare against a truly formidable foe, a recently reinvigorated Eminem. If you're wondering why such animosity peaked in the first place, be sure to check out the complete history right here. In any case, we're in the thick of it now, with Em's "Not Alike" and Machine Gun's "Rap Devil" marking the first repartee; we can only hope round two is imminent. While we wait for Em's seemingly inevitable response, it should be noted that Machine Gun Kelly earned respect from many a fan yesterday. In fact, his "Rap Devil" is already nearing half-a-million views on this site alone, with myriad comments singing his praises. 

Historically, people don't exactly emerge from beef with Em with career intact. It's easy to wonder if the same fate may befall Machine Gun Kelly, who came with a more all-out-assault than previous attackers Benzino and Ja Rule. Unlike previous spats, there are many who feel as if MGK actually took the round one "W," including some members of our own community. Perhaps Kelly, in dissing Em, has earned himself a newfound level of respect across the board. After all, Em's reputation is that of a "Rap God," and going against such a powerful force requires strength and discipline. While this could be a one and done like Pusha T and Drake's 2018 feud, it could very well yield multiple volleys.

We can only hope so. In any case, here's what the HNHH community had to say about "Rap Devil.


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