Though Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap dropped at the onset of the year, the album clearly has replay value for days. Today, some new visuals for “Double Up” have arrived, featuring a lineup of familiar faces.

The clip kicks off on a cinematic note, taking place in the year 2007, years before Nip would come through with his debut mixtape The Marathon. A young Nipsey Hussle confidently goes about his business, keeping an open door policy when it comes to entrepreneurial endeavors. Eventually, an aspiring hustler’s apprentice (portrayed by Lauren London) arrives, and Nipsey happily shows her the ropes. After a near-miss with police, however, she decides the street-life is not her bag.

Ten years later, Nipsey finds himself revisiting his former protege, who happens to be married to a prospective buyer. Upon locking eyes, old flames reignite, and Nipsey decides a house party is the only logical conclusion. Enter Belly, Dom Kennedy, and a small army of potential lady-friends. It’s a cinematic affair, worthy of Nip’s mogul status. Ya’ll still playing that Victory Lap?