DJ Khaled had to vacate his 8:50pm slot at the Wireless Festival in the UK. To put it mildly, fans weren’t too impressed with Khaled’s effort level. Festival organizers were thus forced to his cancellation when it became painfully obvious Khaled was nowhere near Finnsbury Park hours before his scheduled performance. Khaled’s vacation “snaps” seemed to indicate he was still with his family in Mexico, testing out the local “infinity pool.”

Following days of speculation, Drake has been confirmed as DJ Khaled’s replacement on the bill. The news is coming in droves from members of the UK media in attendance. As you can see below, elements of Drake’s stage presentation started rolling out, like this union jack-themed OVO owl and this life size portrait of Drake performing his “Behind Barz Freestyle.”

Then social media started live streaming the performance through their phones. UK residents who passed on the opportunity to purchase festival passes seem to be suffering from intense flashes of FOMO. Maybe Khaled pulling out was planned from the start à la Trojan Horse.

Only time will tell.

Those who scrounged their pockets to bet with this man better pay in full.