YBN Nahmir got a little bored earlier and decided to make a quick Google search for his own net worth. While he can easily go on his banking app or open up the safe so he can get counting, Nahmir wanted to make sure the people knew just how much he’s earned over the last year. His rise happened very quickly and, unlike most other rappers, he brought his boys with him as the YBN crew is mostly just members of his Xbox Live hangout. With Almighty Jay and Cordae doing their thing, the collective is inherently different stylistically but Nahmir has been out for the longest and has had more time to pad his pockets. With Google sharing inaccurate information about him, he wanted to make sure everybody knew just how rich he actually is.

While he did not specify exactly how much money he’s earned since he started releasing music, Nahmir likely has way more than $50K at this point of his career. When he saw that was the number Google was throwing out when people searched for his net worth, he had to make a post about it. He wrote, “y’all ever gone update this?,” tagging the search engine in the process in his attempt to get them to reflect his actual earnings. 

Nahmir isn’t the only person frustrated about what Google says they have made in their career as Lil Pump recently took a similar approach, saying that the corporation got him “fucked up.” Who knows what Nahmir has actually made in his life but if we’re being realistic, it’s way more than $50K.