A music video for Dro Fe & Valee’s narco anthem “Spondivits” has arrived via World Star. Seldom does Valee appear a camera without a roach clip in hand. A case can be made for its perpetual use, but what is really of importance here is the missed opportunity to film on site. You see “Spondivits” is an eatery in Atlanta that rose to become something of a phenomenon. Current day, it has experienced such growth that it hardly house all the interested patrons. The demand is so high, that “Spondivits'” owners have gotten away with demanding that their patrons read a rule book upon entering the restaurant (allegedly).

Instead of experiencing a unique dining experience, Dro Fe & Valee stay true to their modest intentions of using the restaurant’s name as a signifier. Valee hangs near a bench press with the aforementioned roach clip. Dro Fe pulls up in an old school, and the two end up running a course around the neighborhood, like the Pope had visited once before.