Former NY Giant and current Buccaneer Jason Pierre-Paul wants everyone to know about the possible ills of fireworks ahead of planned 4th of July celebrations. The veteran defensive lineman posted a graphic if not horrific photo of his disfigured hand, stemming from a fireworks injury he sustained in 2015.

Paul posted the photo on Instagram along with the following caption:

“Looking at these pictures seems unreal and crazy. How your life can change in the blink of an eye. We are celebrating the birthday of our great nation. I’m glad to still be alive to show you the outcome of what happened to me. Please don’t feel sorry for me, trust me your boy fine even with missing fingers lol,”

The NFL has made a career out of it none-the-less, playing the game he loves at a high level with several missing fingers. The injury was severe to the point of requiring him to lose his index finger via amputation. 7,600 out of  11,000 fireworks-related injuries that went reported in 2016 were treated during and after the week of the National holiday, according to a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Warning: Graphic Images are viewable at Jason Pierre Paul’s Instagram, at your own discretion.