When two of Chicago’s hottest names teamed up for a summer banger, public interest was instantly piqued. With such similar tones in their voices, what would a Jeremih collaboration with Valee sound like? Thankfully, we did not have to wait long to find out as their “Womp Womp” single was released in early May. With Valee blowing up as part of the G.O.O.D. Music collective, his videos are taking a major step up with the latest example being his co-starring role in a film with Jeremih for their collab.

The two effectively made a movie for “Womp Womp,” complete with remote-control settings changing the language from English to “Womp Womp.” Once the settings are changed, Valee’s girl transforms into the teacher from Charlie Brown, womp womping all over the place. Skipping between scenes, we get to witness treasured moments like the heist, the getaway, a restaurant segment and “’79 Caddy” before the credits roll. Valee’s GOOD Job, You Found Me is out now if you like what you’re hearing.