Over the past few years, Toronto has proved time and time over that its musical presence is one to be reckoned with. Any budding musical act has a plethora of producers and other artists alike to help boast the city's culture and significance even more. The city is blessed with singers whose voices illuminate its darkest, dingiest bars every day of the week.

Toronto’s nearly unbearable cold winter months forces many emcees to hideout in the studio, cookin’ up projects, songs and tapes set to drop in the city’s blazing hot summer.

From the moody, introspective “Toronto sound” pioneered by The Weeknd to the bounce and pop of the city’s newest exports, Toronto has a singer for everybody. There’s no denying that the 6 has taken over other cities - such as New York and Los Angeles - in terms of where to find the hottest sounds and creators on the rise. In light of waves being made in the city, here are 10 artists you should hit play on and get acquainted with.

We’ve earmarked them for big things moving forward, so now is a great time to get familiar with some of the city’s most promising singers. Let’s begin.