Days removed from Young Thug's So Much Fun album release, Thugger's longtime collaborator and creative director Be El Be hit up Reddit's r/hiphopheads for an AMA. With the bulk of the questions centering around the enigma that is Young Thug, Be El's open honesty and tendency to answer most questions made for an informative read across the board.

Andrew Toth/Getty Images 

Eventually, one user inquired about the state of Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug's current relationship, which took a dark turn after Rich Gang showed such promise. Though we never received official word as to what drove them apart, something clearly occurred to fracture the relationship beyond repair. Case in point, not even a cool million from Gucci Mane was enough to mend the shattered fence. 

Unfortunately, Be El Be explains that some feuds are simply beyond repair. "Deeper than rap kid. Trust me," he explains. "If you knew the truth you wouldn’t even want them to work together. Just leave it at that." Of course, such mysterious claims only serve to fuel speculation, but should it indeed be so grave, perhaps both men are better off steering clear of one another. Given their longstanding history, it's no surprise that Be El Be remains cynical on that front - still, he's not entirely dismissive of the possibility. "Maybe when they 50," he suggests, leaving the door open a smidge.