At this point, we know that we'll likely never get to hear Young Thug's long-lost-album Hy!£UN35 in our lives. It's been a legend for so long that Jeffery has probably already released the majority of the songs that were put aside for what was expected to be his debut album. Now that So Much Fun has been released, Thug is reaching new heights and his longtime creative director, Be El Be, has been answering questions regarding the album that never was. Teasing his upcoming Ask Me Anything session on Reddit later today, the videographer got things off the ground by divulging what was supposed to be the lead single to Hy!£UN35.

Giving us an eye into just how long Thug has actually been working on the project, Be El Be revealed that a song from Slime Season 2, which was released in 2015, was supposed to hype us up for Hy!£UN35. When asked about what the project's tracklist looked like, he let us in on a little secret, saying that a track about Thug's love for Jerrika Karlae was supposed to set things off. "Love me for ever was supposed to be the lead single," he wrote on Twitter.

Be El Be will be online later today for a Q&A session with fans. If you have any urgent inquiries to consult him on, we suggest you jot them down because he's been working with Thug for years and he's got the keys to his genius.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images