It's important for up-and-coming artists to catch people's attention when they're bursting onto the scene. A lot of times, rappers and artists will lean on proven talents, like YK Osiris and others, to help boost the popularity of their song to leverage themselves for future success. It's a smart strategy but, depending on the artist you're working with, it can be incredibly pricey.

This week, we saw Lil Baby announce that he was officially done recording feature verses as he continues working on his upcoming album. In the summer, he revealed that he was charging $100,000 for a guest verse, which seems about right for an artist of his magnitude. Lil Baby has been striking on everything he touches this year.

YK Osiris may be trying to manifest that same level of success because, when he revealed his own feature price, many were surprised to hear that he's charging the exact same amount.

Let's not take anything away from YK Osiris. He's one of the most talented new faces in the R&B scene, declaring himself the "king" of the genre last year. While he has had a few hits in his day, the 22-year-old charging $100,000 for a feature verse seems a little extreme.

"Stop asking me for verses," said the Young King in the new video. "I charge a hundred thousand. If you don't got a hundred thousand, I'm not doing it. Periodt."

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Do you think anybody is paying $100,000 for a song with YK Osiris?