NBA Youngboy's love life is difficult to keep track of. It's messy, as the young artist seems to switch up his main lady every so often, with Yaya Mayweather playing the role of his girlfriend on-again and off-again-- in March, Youngboy declared he was single, but that's quickly changed as he and Yaya are seemingly back in cahoots, and the rapper even went so far as to immortalize their love on the cover of his new album, 38 Baby 2.

The two getting back together hasn't come without its drama, rather the opposite, there's tons of drama. NBA Youngboy's baby mama, Lapattra Jacobs has been in the thick of it with these two, and things reportedly escalated to the point that Yaya stabbed Lapattra, and she is now facing life in prison because of it.

Despite being stabbed by NBA's girl, Lapattra is apparently still supporting her baby daddy, encouraging her followers to go stream his new album on her IG Story.

But the drama doesn't end there, obviously. NBA Youngboy shared a few IG Stories that showed a lady in the background who is clearly ~not~ Iyanna Mayweather, which resulted in Yaya feeling the need to speak out and ensure fans she is still with NBA Youngboy, always. She took to Twitter to claim that she was indeed in the house while said other girl was there, although the fans don't seem to think so-- the response to her tweet was more or less, "stop lying." Hmmm. "That was me in both videos on his story ain’t no “Yaya there too” let’s be very clear Yaya been here and the ONLY one that’s here dpwm," she wrote.

Check out the IG stories from NBA Youngboy above, and Yaya's tweets below. Let us know if you've managed to sort out the tangled relationship web here.