While it seems like there's a mass shooting every day, the Waffle House shooting is not far in our memories. Four people lost their lives in the tragedy before James Shaw Jr. wrestled the gun away from the active shooter, being reigned as a hero. One of the most aggressive voices every time there is another shooting is the controversial XXXTentacion who has shown courage and heart in speaking out against gun violence. Even making "Hope" in tribute to those who lost their lives in the Parkland shooting, the rapper takes the cause very seriously. While his history may be questionable, there is no doubt that he is attempting to repair his image and by showing his true character in moments like these, he will win over his audience in no time. 

Posting a photo with the Waffle House Hero on his Instagram story, X noted how nervous he was to meet the man. Both XXXTentacion and James Shaw Jr. made special appearances at Miami's Rolling Loud festival earlier this month, which is likely where the two linked up. Writing a touching message, X paid tribute to the heroic acts carried out by Shaw, saying, "Felt crazy to be in the presence of a real hero, may the universe have many blessings sent your way." 

With XXX focusing on his philanthropy and activism, the praise for the Waffle House Hero comes as no surprise. The singer recently launched a new initiative with his mother, continuing his "Helping Hand Challenge" with a foundation of the same name.