Aside from a questionable incident where he was caught on live stream screaming at his nephew, XXXTentacion seems to have a great relationship with his family. Earlier in the year, his grandmother was pictured all over his Instagram story as she mimicked Lil Tay, flexing in her own car. Having quite the year in terms of his musical career, X has his sights set on making a greater impact on the planet. While his past is certainly controversial, the rising star is working hard to change people's negative perception of him and that starts with his new initiative to create the Helping Hand Foundation.

Last year, X embarked on the Helping Hand Challenge, encouraging his fans to donate to the homeless and work in support of women's shelters. While the initiative went largely unnoticed by the media as opposed to any negative coverage of him, he has taken the challenge a step further in setting up a new foundation with his mother named the Helping Hand Foundation. Using the same name as his former plea to help those in need, XXX clarified on his Instagram story exactly what his goals are with the project. "I'm working on solidifying the helping hand foundation!," excitedly shared X, "Once it's done, we will take submissions from all over the world of people in need! and see what the community needs most and how we can assist!"

With all of the bad publicity that the Florida rapper has managed to rack up over his short career, it's great to see him focusing his energy in a positive direction. This is a step in the right path for X as he continues to grow.