The shooting at T.I.'s Irving Plaza show on Wednesday May 26th resulted in four victims. BSB affiliate Ronald McPhatter died from bullet wounds, while Troy Ave (who is being held in custody for attempted murder) suffered a reportedly self-inflicted gunshot to the leg. Christopher Vinson, 34, was also injured by gunfire (but is now in stable condition), as was 26-year-old model Maggie Heckstall, who was struck with a stray bullet in the leg. Heckstall, who is said to be girlfriend of New York rapper, Maino, reportedly has plans to sue over the shooting and her subsequent experience with the NYPD.

Heckstall's lawyer announced plans to take those responsible for the shooting to court in a statement made to the New York Post, also suggesting that they could be pursuing a case against the NYPD. Emel McDowell, who is representing Heckstall, claims that her recovery at Bellevue Hospital has been interrupted by NYPD presence, as the police force has instated guards for her door and denied visitation from family members, which McDowell claims is unnecessary.

“[Police] want to investigate and we get that, but don’t make her life miserable because she took a stray bullet,” McDowell said.“We understand the NYPD is doing their job, but she’s not under investigation... She’s not in custody for the crime. She didn’t ask for police protection. She’s obviously a victim in this. They’re making her life worse by doing this.”

A cease-and-desist letter has been sent to the NYPD calling for the removal of the guards. 

McDowell reports that Heckstall has had a rod implanted in her leg to treat her injuries, and was in the green room of teh venue when the shooting took place. “It was initially three, four shots, then another shot, then four more — pop, pop, pop. She felt the burning sensation, then started screaming and hit the ground.”

Heckstall addressed her frustrations with the NYPD presence at the hospital on Instagram, stating that she does not know who shot her, and that she has not given a statement to detectives. "I don't need protection. The bullet was a stray and my family coming to see doesn't tamper with the detectives investigation."

Troy Ave's court date in regards to the shooting has been postponed as he undergoes surgery for his own gunshot injury. He has been charged with attempted murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.