In likely the pure definition of chasing clout, Instagram personality Woah Vicky recently posted and then deleted a video of herself and her friends trashing Snoop Dogg. The video showed Vicky and two of her friends making violent threats towards the West Coast legend, waving guns while they blurted profanities. Yelling that he "probably has AIDS with his old ass" and that he looks "like a chihuahua," the crew dissed Snoop and DJ Drama in the same video. Although the 18-year-old issued an apology if she ever "disrespected anybody" with her actions, The Blast is reporting that the video in question is currently being investigated by police.

The young woman waved around a firearm with her buddies as they each took turns sending shots at Snoop in the video and while she likely only posted it to get attention, she may be making her way to jail because of it. The Blast is noting that the Marietta Police Department is aware of the since-deleted video and they are investigating it to take appropriate action. It is currently unclear if Vicky committed any crimes by publishing the threats but detectives are determining whether a full case is warranted.

Snoop Dogg has since posted a video of the girl awkwardly dancing while seemingly holding a semi-automatic machine gun, writing, "This is America." Peep the original video, Vicky's apology and Snoop's retort below.