I Am Music. The title of Lil Wayne’s 2008-2009 national tour needed no further explanation. Wayne, who had just released his Grammy Award-winning album Tha Carter III, had the rap game on lockdown. Using binoculars, it still would’ve been hard to see stragglers such as actor-turned-rapper Drizzy Drake in Wayne’s rearview. Drake, who hadn’t yet released his 2009 breakthrough mixtape So Far Gone, was still a no-name rapper to the greater half of the hip-hop community. Fast forward five years later, oh how the tables have turned. With three Billboard #1 albums and numerous more hits under his belt, the question is now legitimate. Who is the REAL current king of hip-hop? Drake or Lil Wayne? Luckily for us, the two have assembled a Street Fighter-themed tour to settle the ongoing debate.

Truly the first of its kind, the tour is totally fan-interactive. Who opens the show and who wins the show are both determined by those in attendance. Using the Drake vs Lil Wayne app, fans are able to send powerups to either rapper at any time during the show. Button-mashing never felt so rewarding. Wednesday night, the tour made its fifth stop at Hartford’s Xfinity Theatre, Wayne entering with a demanding 3-1 lead over Drake. After a brief Yo Gotti opening set, the war was soon underway.

Eager to kick off the show, fans voted Lil Wayne to take the stage first. Dressed in his usual attire, Wayne arose from beneath the stage sporting all black shades, a TRUKFIT hat, and Polo drawers showin’. He performed some Carter 4 material before handing the mic off to Drizzy, who received a deafening roar from the 17,000 people in attendance. From the moment the “Draft Day” instrumental started playing, it was clear who the hungrier opponent was. “I don’t know how the fuck I’m down 3-1 to that nigga over there, but Hartford I promise you I am not losing tonight,” Drake clamored to the crowd. “I got too many hits.” No doubt about it, Drake treated the show as if he was facing elimination. The two continued to duel it out on stage, trading verbal blow after blow. “There’s a difference between hits and classics” responded Wayne before performing jams like “Go DJ” and “Mrs. Officer”. He even rapped some of his earliest mixtape classics, such as “The Sky Is The Limit” off Da Drought 3. Still, Drake refused to be outdone. The crowd turned ballistic once his “Versace” remix started playing, every fan rapping along word-for-word, some even shouting Quavo’s ad-libs. Without a question, Drake was in charge.

During a short intermission, the DJs got involved in a lil battle too. Wayne and Drake placed bets on which DJ could get the crowd the most hype. Hats flew in the air like penalty flags when Drake’s DJ, Future The Prince, spun “Hot Nigga”. It was an incredible sight. As if the night could've gotten any more wild, Lil Wayne brought out 50 Cent to perform “In Da Club”. Luckily nobody got trampled during the madness that ensued.

Prior to the concert ending, it was announced that Drake had won in what seemed like a landslide victory. “I didn’t know this was a R&B show” joked Wayne. The two hashed it out like a couple of grown ups before performing new singles “Believe Me” and “Grindin” to cap off the night. “If it were not for this man right here, I wouldn’t still be able to perform in front of y’all” Wayne acknowledged about Drake. Drizzy returned the favor, saying “I wouldn’t be out here performing in places like Connecticut if it wasn’t for Wayne. I’d still be in Toronto where he found me. Give it up for the best rapper alive!” 

Drake won the evening, but the debate is long from being settled. As written on the cover of XXL’s newest issue, Lil Wayne has “Nothing Left To Prove”. Can Drake overcome Weezy’s countless classic records? Insert a few coins, choose your side, and take part in the action. The Drake vs Lil Wayne tour is a battle for the ages.

View the remaining tour dates in the gallery above. Which side are you on? Vote below. 

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