Cardi B is seemingly the new Kylie Jenner when it comes to pregnancy rumours. Everybody wants to know the truth and only time will tell - since both Cardi nor Offset have given any hint that she's actually with child. The last we reported on the matter was that someone close to Cardi leaked that she was seven months pregnant and she's planning on telling all soon. 

Of course, Wendy Williams got the scoop and mentioned it on her TV Show where an audience member said she knew for a fact. Wendy jumped at the opportunity of having "a source" in her front row and grabbed a seat right next to the woman who claimed that Cardi is really preggers. 

"I saw her with a full bump," audience member Nicki said. After Wendy asked her if she just saw her on TMZ, Nicki assured her it was "in person."

Nicki doesn't tell Wendy the location but told her it "was a photo shoot" a couple months ago and Cardi was definitely trying to hide it. 

Watch the clip below.