Post Malone burst onto the rap scene in 2015 with a song - and later a very popular music video - for his track "White Iverson." Since then he's gone on to have a large amount of success with this latest full-length LP, most notably with "Congratulations," a song that features hip-hop's one verse MVP, Migos member Quavo. However, in a video that was shared on the Internet community site Reddit, Posty showcased his all-around vocal chops by covering a song from arguably the greatest alternative band that ever was: Nirvana.

Decked out in a Cobain-esque outfit of an oversized T shirt and torn jeans, the rapper sat solemnly on a stool in the middle of the stage, strumming the melancholic chords to the grunge band's early-1990's hit "All Apologies." His guitar was the most eye-catching piece of all, glittering more than some of the iced-out chains that popular emcees have been known to blow some serious cash on. For those waiting for this to be a trainwreck or, at the very least, a bit of a strain, leave that Haterade at the door. It turns out Posty has some serious singing ability. Check it out below.

Post Malone covering All Apologies in Boston, MA. (9/12) from Nirvana

This isn't the first time that Malone has shown himself to be a versatile musical talent. Prior to his success with "White Iverson," he uploaded a Bob Dylan, in the same sort of acoustic format, up on YouTube. Wearing an American flag button-down, he does the classic tune by one of the most iconic figures in rock music justice, sustaining a lilting melody that cuts right through to the heartstrings. He's come a long way since then, in terms of the kind of music the public now knows him best for, but the throwback is quite an experience for any hip-hop head. Peep it below.

It's not an easy task to emulate either Cobain or Dylan as a vocalist, but with his Nirvana cover, he manages to capture some of the intensity from the deceased legend's incredible MTV Unplugged performance of the same track. Much respect to Posty.