The sale of guns in Walmart stores has been a long-running controversy. Activists calling for stricter gun laws have openly criticized the beloved superstore, asking why Walmart feels it is necessary to continue selling firearms to the public. However, the mega-chain has an enormous amount of supporters who advocate for Walmart to continue providing a place where citizens can purchase guns.

Joe Raedle / Staff / Getty Images

As the debate rages on, Walmart has made a few changes after seeing that companies have found their stores looted by rioters over the last few days. While peace protests have popped up in major cities worldwide, there still have been instances where Targets, malls, and other establishments have seen their brick and mortar shops destroyed. Erring on the side of caution, Fox Business reports that Walmart has opted to remove firearms from being displayed in the open and will now tuck them away in secured storage areas.

“As a responsible seller of hunting and sporting firearms, we have temporarily removed firearms and ammunition from the sales floor in some stores out of an abundance of caution,” a Walmart spokesperson said. “Those items are available for purchase, but are being stored in a secure room.”

Even after there were two separate instances of gun violence at Walmart stores—one a mass shooting where 22 people were killed in Texas and the second in Mississippi where two managers were murdered—Walmart remains unmoved as it pertains to their stance of purchasing firearms in their stores.