Wale has recently announced that he’s got an album on the way and days later her called himself the “greatest rapper of all time.” In light of all the news the “Lotus Flower Bomb” music maker has been dropping off for his fans, his latest statements are probably the most important since he’s expressed a need to for record labels to extend extra care for their artists mental health.

"You've gotta remind yourself who you are especially with like celebrities," Wale stated when detailing the hardships of the music industry. "People —Monday everybody—you going to bed, looking at your comments everybody telling you you're the greatest and by Friday everybody telling you that you fell off and you're the worst. It's difficult. You know what I mean? I think that record deals should come with like, mental health insurance, to be honest. I think it should be part of it.” 

Wale detailed that when it comes to success “there’s no map” which makes it easy to “spiral at any time.” 

"It's hard to keep yourself in check because there's a lot of enablers and the thing that's even worse than enablers now is people who are so determined to not be an enabler that all they do is they think they giving you tough love but they kicking you when you're down,” he added.