Wack 100 says he warned Pop Smoke to get out of his Airbnb and head to a hotel, just days prior to his death in February 2020. Wack discussed the late rapper's passing in a new interview on No Jumper with Adam22.

“Go check into that W Hollywood,” Wack said. “Stay away from them Airbnbs on this West Coast until you get your weight up, ’til you get your politics right. Go to one of them hotels bro and be safe about it.”

wack 100, pop smoke
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

He says that he spoke with Birdman and told him to relay the warning.

“I told him four days before to get that man out of there and send him to the W,” Wack continued. “I was in Europe and Avery or Monte Lipman (of Republic Records) had called through Birdman and they were kinda asking me stuff. I told him, ‘Get him out of there and send him to the W Hotel.’ I started getting calls from my people that the homegirls was up there and this and that. I’d just advise when y’all on your way up, take small steps.”

Regardless, four days later, four individuals broke into Smoke's Airbnb and fatally shot him during a botched robbery.