Usher debuted a new hairstyle back on January 1st that looked to be a perm, styled to have a dramatic wave on top of his head. Fans and followers of the singer were curious about his new updo, which sparked a number of troll-worthy comments that even continued to Usher's next hairstyle of spiral braids. 

Usher is now the victim of even more questionable comments after his hairstyle he fronted at this past weekend's Roc Nation Brunch. Personally, we don't see anything wrong with the fresh layout of braids, but after Diddy posted a video montage of the some of the best moments at the party, people couldn't help but comment on Usher's hair. 

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

"Nobody told Usher take them goofy ass braids out his head?!" one user wrote, while another added: "What’s upp with Usher and these braids now .. dude goin thru a mid life crisis."

The braid-shaming has reached a new level, with some users calling out how "ashy" they looked - again, don't see anything wrong with them. Check out some of the reactions below and let us know what you think.