The internet has forged a connection between audience and artists that we haven't had prior to its inception. Through social media, we're invested in the lives of all our favourite rappers; from the mundane to the eclectic. One of the most interesting figures today is Ugly God. Recently, the young rapper went online to inform his fans that his Instagram account was deleted a mere 30 minutes after a post regarding flat Earth and religious practices. In an act of open-mindedness, he wrote, "The Earth is supposedly round, but we’re not allowed to visit the two poles of the Earth (the ONLY thing that will prove/disprove this). I believe in God, but God didn’t write the Bible. Man did."

Social media has proved itself to be relentless towards Flat Earthers. Just look at B.o.B and Kyrie Irving. After taking to his meme account page @hut, fans believed the account deletion was a charade to point attention to the rapper's Snapchat.

Ugly God refuted these accusations on Snapchat, "For you dumb, basic, stupid ass ni**as who think I'm doing this for Snapchat followers: For one, I never use Snap and this update is ass. And two, if I really wanted Snapchat followers, I would have just shouted out Snapchat on my main Instagram." If there's one thing we can all agree on out of this whole ordeal, it's that the new Snapchat update is terrible.

[via Pigeons&Planes]