Ugly God

Date of Birth
Sep. 19, 1996 - Age 27
Houston, Texas
Red Dragon

Artist Bio

Does Ugly God got your bitch?
Too early to tell. All we can say at the moment is that this maniacal Houston rapper is paving the way for visually stifling people everywhere.
Flipping the script one too many times, Ugly God doesn't make songs for ringtones; he makes ringtones his songs. "I Beat My Meat," the rapper's first release, heavily samples the all too familiar melody projecting from people's pockets. Since the initial buzz, Ugly God has kept the 0's and 1's flicking with Soundcloud classics such as "Booty From A Distance," "Bitch, I Got Yo Bitch," and Ugly God's modern political anthem "Bernie Sanders."
While the hoes were sleeping, Ugly God signed to iLoveMakonnen's upstart label Red Dragon in March 2016. Swag swag.