Scammers are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic and they're using Tyler Perry to do it. The media mogul has made headlines in recent weeks as he receives praise for his altruism. He visited one of his favorite Atlanta eateries and tipped the staff $21K, and then he brought tears to the eyes of senior citizens after paying for their groceries in over 70 stores throughout Georgia and Louisiana. Tyler Perry had been using his platform and finances to lift the financial burden for thousands of people, but there have been fake websites popping up claiming to be run by him, asking the public for money in order to win some sort of financial payout.

Tyler Perry Scam

The multi-hyphenated entertainer addressed the controversy in a video he shared on social media, warning his fans not to fall for the scam. "I hate to come on and say this, but I'm pretty annoyed," he began. "People are so wicked and so evil to think that they're setting up all these fake sites asking you to send them money because I'm giving away thousands of dollars. It's just downright evil, downright wrong. I wish Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter would do a better job at taking some of this stuff down. Especially at a time like this, 'cause no sooner than we report ten, there's ten more popping up."

"Please, please, please...especially people who have been supporting me all these years," Perry added. "Times are hard. They're tight right now. People are really, really struggling. Don't fall for this. Do not send anybody money thinking that I'm sending money. Those are lies. They're all fake sites." Perry also said that everything he is doing for those in need during this COVID-19 pandemic doesn't require the public to send any money anywhere. He encouraged people to check-in will all of his verified profiles across social media to receive the truth. Watch his video below to receive his message in full.