We've all been taught the importance of washing our hands, especially during this coronavirus pandemic, but Tyler Perry may be taking things a bit overboard. Health officials have repeatedly preached the importance of cleanliness and sanitizing ourselves and personal spaces in the wake of COVID-19, and as people are quarantined worldwide, hand-washing is becoming a right of passage—as if it wasn't supposed to be already.

Tyler Perry Coronavirus
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

Many people may not feel like coronavirus is much of a threat to their health and safety, but thousands have lost their lives. These preventative measures have been set in place to help curb the likelihood of spreading the virus as well as contracting it, and Tyler Perry looks like he's washed his hands enough for all of us. 

On Wednesday (March 18), the media mogul shared a photo of himself holding up his hand. A very, very ashy, dry-skinned hand. "I don’t care how ashy I get! I will keep washing my hands!!" he joked in the caption of his post. "Y’all stay safe! Wash your hands!! And keep up the social distancing! Let’s help stop this thing! Wanted to make you laugh but Pray, Church, Pray!!"

People had a good laugh even if the photo may have had some help from photo editing, so take a look at it below and let us know if you think it's fake. Stay safe out there.