Could you imagine Lil Wayne & Turk not being a part of Cash Money Records? Well, apparently it was a real thought from the two young New Orleans rappers as Turk told Vlad TV that he and fellow Hot Boys member, Lil Wayne, once discussed whether or not they should sign with Master P’s No Limit Records. 

During a recent sit-down with Vlad TV, Turk spoke about wanting to be "hot", and how Master P offered a little more than Baby did at that time. Turk said:

"Master P used to put all his artists in houses, give ‘em Rolex watches, buy ‘em Camaros, you know shit that young niggas wanted. Baby wasn’t givin’ us that. So one day, me and Wayne sitting’ outside like, ‘Man, shit. Let’s go fuck with P. You know he gonna fuck with us. We’re the youngest Hot Boy$.’ We felt like we were better than all them niggas over there anyway. But we didn’t go. It just was us having a conversation…We was seriously wanting to go, but things just started happening for us. We started getting broke off the way how we thought we should.”

Luckily, that obviously never happened as Turk and Lil Wayne signed with Cash Money Records and became part of the platinum rap group the Hot Boy$ with B.G. and Juvenile.

In the end, Turk and Lil Wayne didn't even approach Master P about signing to No Limit Records though.

“It never got to him. It was just our thoughts." - Turk

But, just what if? ....... Watch Turk's interview below.