Troy Ave has been the topic of hot conversation on social media these past couple weeks thanks in part to his extremely low record sales and attitude towards it all. On Monday, the BSB leader made his way by the Hot 97 studios where he spent about 40 minutes justifying his album sales and self-proclaiming himself the biggest and best independent artist out today.

Taking such to offense, Joey Badass later jumped on twitter Monday afternoon and decided to put some random facts in the air for the people. Sending a friendly “reminder”, Joey revealed that he sold over 57k copies in his first week and is the true self proclaimed #1 independent hip hop artist in the world all while being only 20 years old.

Troy being Troy, the BSB leader of course had to respond and question Joey’s independent status, saying he works for Sony Red/ Cinematic Records and is #FakeIndependent.

Well continue to update you if more from these two surfaces. Until then, what do you think? Who has the better argument here and is the true #1 independent artist?