Trina is on the wrong side of the protests, referring to the people fighting for basic human rights for people of color as "animals" on her radio show with Trick Daddy.

The Love & Hip Hop star has been on the airwaves for several months after announcing that she and her longtime collaborator Trick Daddy would be starting their own radio show. Well, it looks like a lot of people will stop supporting her after she made comments that did not sit well with Black Twitter or anybody that cares about the protests happening this week.

Discussing the current protests, Trina allegedly suggested that the curfews be started earlier in Atlanta so that stores owned by her friends could be protected. She also reportedly referred to the protestors as "animals." That statement got everybody up in arms.

Brad Barket/Getty Images

"What trina said was indefensible. i’m not even gonna try to make sense of it, she can go," said a former fan. Others brought up the racist incident that she faced several months ago, being called the n-word by a white woman at a Walmart.

The self-proclaimed "Baddest Bitch" is facing tons of backlash on social media but, regardless, she does not appear to be bothered. She fired back with a couple messages of her own this morning.

"Some of y’all are plain fuckN ignorant and nothing nobody do will help period," she wrote on Twitter. "I’m at work and I’m muthafuckn ready."